WYC Designs Presets

You guys have asked me for years on how I edit my photos and the tools I use and how I get that curated aesthetic across my social channels and well, this is it. 

With WYC Designs photography is part of our product offering and not just by photographing interiors – but for other small businesses like New General or Meridian NYC and it felt like a natural thing to be able to provide.

I wanted to focus on the vibes and moods I try to invoke and so I just focused on these core 5:

1 – Crisp // light, airy and bright

2 – Natural // looks barely edited but slightly enhanced

3 – Vintage // a vintage warm edit with rich natural tones

4 – Golden // warm hue undertones that bring depth

5 – Modern // higher contrast and saturation pigmentation

I feel like these can be applied to just about any subject – from interiors, kiddos to food. 

to learn more or purchase the WYC Designs Core Preset collection – click here.

Happy editing!



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