Wells is One

What was probably the fastest year, or so it seems, and now our littlest baby is one.

Time is a thief.

Everything about him is pure joy and everything about him I feel advanced so quickly. From watching his brothers and to keeping up with the endless plans, activities, he’s been our on-the-go baby and he does it with a smile.

He’s a little babe that is just happy to be here and gosh, I couldn’t imagine a world without him. He has a sweetness about him, a smartness even that wins over every person he meets. I watch him in awe as he navigates a crazy house, how he tries to communicate, how he can down a pouch in an instant and how fast he can dash around on his two little feet. His loves are undeniable and my heart swells with every tight squeeze and pat on the back.

Kiddo has a way with just about all of us. The way he points and says “dada” to Nick is a heart melter. Most would say he looks more like Hudson but I still think he’s a bit of a mix. He’s more outgoing than Hudson as this age but not as rambunctious as P.

He is everything and more and I count my lucky stars that he’s ours and we are here celebrating his first birthday with all our family and close friends.


You will always be my baby. You will always remind me how lucky we are that we got three healthy and happy boys. Everything about you is a dream come true and know that even before you were born you were loved beyond measure. This is a super special month bubs and I’m so grateful that I get to share it with you. You and your brothers bring me so much JOY and remind me all the time what life is all about.

Even though you get an obscene amount of hand me downs, it’s purely for my enjoyment as I can recall Hudson and Palmer wearing the exact same thing and I cherish those memories as we create our own. You are a bright light little Wellsey and you have my heart sweet boy. Happiest of birthdays my little love.

love always,



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