2022 Gift Guides – All The Cool Kids

work your closet holiday gift guides
  1. Tonies – we ordered these for the boys this year! I’ve heard amazing things and love the concept. They are currently having bundle sales which is awesome. Plus, this cute Etsy display for it seals the deal. (Tonies Set $130 / Cloud display $65)
  2. Race car track – it’s vertical which I like and it will entertain the kiddos for hours. $120
  3. Our light up scooters were a hit last year! Great quality and price. $110
  4. A fun jump house for them and a pretty jump house for us. Aesthetically the prettiest on the market. $430
  5. Cuddle & Kind – still one of my favorite “give back” brands and love the quality. A go-to gift for me. $60

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