2022 Gift Guides – The Happy Chef

taking a a nod from what I did last year… minimal and thoughtfully curated gift guides for those who mean most this year and well, every year.

first up is the happy chef, or happy cook, or loves to eat – however you want to slice it.

Work Your Closet - Holiday Gift Guides
  1. Berry bowls w/ saucers $56 – I leave them out because I use them all the time. With kids, I’m constantly rinsing and prepping fruit. Fill the bowls with some holiday snacks or home made cookies or candy in the meantime – after all it’s the key to their heart.
  2. Make it official with a sweet apron with their name on it. Lots of customizable options and support independent artists in the process. $36
  3. One can never have enough – cookbooks last forever. Plus, this one is quite practical. $15
  4. So if they are literally a chef, they might not need a toaster BUT if you’re like me and waffles and bagels and sandwich toast is on the regular, a cute toaster for the pantry is a must.
  5. Coffee. Like really good coffee from a town that means a lot to me. But really, I could have stopped at coffee. Shop their coffee subscriptions for a gift that keeps on giving.

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