Wells is Nine Months

as I type this I’m already pinning and saving his first birthday party ideas because let’s be real the next few months are going to fly and he will be ONE right before Christmas. As if I needed another reason to love this time of year, he is it.

  • Biggest eater – loves all root vegetables, teething crackers and up for trying just about anything
  • In 97-98% in both height and weight
  • Shakes his head “No”
  • Big into dancing and kicking and waving. Kid has the waving thing down.
  • Working on blowing kisses
  • Still loves a good ol’ sleep slack but sleeps through the night
  • Has 2 bottom teeth and 1 top tooth
  • Has figured out that non-toy toys are way more fun
  • Can hold his bottle, pouch and spoon and will gladly feed himself
  • Thinks his dad’s dance moves and facial expressions are hilarious
  • Wants to be in the middle of the action with his brothers
  • Can balance standing up like a total champ
  • Big fan of Roxie, his brothers, balloons and elmo still


Goodness, I love you so much. Your sweet demeanor and precious facial expressions get me every time. You love to watch and observe and you’ve developed quite the sense of humor to where you can make yourself giggle. You’re moving around more and more and getting vocal about things. As much as I want to hear your little voice call for me or your little steps around the house, I’m going to miss this baby phase so much. You will bury your little face into my shoulder and hold on tight. When I hold you on my hip you hold my thumb with your right hand. You’re truly one sweet babe and have stolen all our hearts.

Mama loves you kiddo.


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