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5 Things

long overdue but here are a few things I’ve been loving lately.

Jamie Gernert, Founder of WYC Designs

1 // Dried Floral for Fall

Faux just isn’t doing it for me right now and real well, just doesn’t last. Most of my real blooms turn into dried arrangements anyway (read as: lazy) so these dried floral options are hitting the spot!


2 // Brown Nails

I snagged this color off Amazon and I love it. Plus the name is pretty darn cute – Espresso Your Inner Self by OPI. For more beauty inspo check our my pinterest board.

Jamie Gernert, Founder of WYC Designs - Madeline Harper Photo
in sezane – ph: madeline harper photo

3 // Sezane fall edit

Their whole lookbook was on point – granted I don’t dress up a ton but I love the loafers, the sweaters, denim and jumpsuits. Plus, their signature perfume is all I wear.


4 // Freda Salvador Friends & Family Sale

It’s no secret that I love this brand and I wear their shoes on the regular. I packed their sneaker and boot for Design Camp and didn’t have sore feet at the end of the day. So much to love about this company but now would be the time to shop their new fall boots and year round sneakers currently 20% off.

5 // Me and Shea

I heart her and the brief time we got to sit and chat about our babies, travel and the juggle of it all. Guys, she KNEW I had three boys and I almost fell off my chair.

Design Camp Austin Sept 2022

I did it. I booked a ticket to Design Camp as soon as they went on sale, while I was on the West Coast for a friend’s wedding and with a flash September was here and I was boarding a plan to learn, grow and move WYC Designs forward as an established interior design firm.

Design Camp is for interior designers at any size or level – we cover design process, systems, pricing, accounting, social media/pr, website audits, branding etc. I mean the list literally goes on…

Jamie Gernert, Founder of WYC Designs, Design Camp, Austin Proper
WYC Designs, Design Camp, Austin Texas
Jamie Gernert, Founder of WYC Designs, Design Camp, Austin Proper
WYC Designs, Design Camp, Austin Texas

Anastasia and her team at IDCO are our biggest cheerleaders and to learn from the likes of Lindsey Brooke, Clara Jung, Shea McGee (you might have heard of her) and Marie Flanagan was icing on the cake.

Every single attendee was nice, welcoming, open and truly a joy to be around. The location could not have been more perfect – spending three days in Kelly Wearstler’s Austin Proper had endless inspiration and set the most perfect back drop for all of it.

Jamie Gernert, Founder of WYC Designs, Design Camp, Austin Proper
WYC Designs, Design Camp, Austin Texas
Jamie Gernert, Founder of WYC Designs, Design Camp, Austin Proper
WYC Designs, Design Camp, Austin Proper Hotel

I left without a voice, a full notebook, countless new followers but also friends. This community is changing in the best way possible – to embrace others, to lift them up and to not keep secrets – it’s our job to set a new and more modernized standard for what interior designers do, how we do it and why we’re so important.

Thanks Design Camp – sky is the limit.

all images: wyc designs

Wells is Nine Months

as I type this I’m already pinning and saving his first birthday party ideas because let’s be real the next few months are going to fly and he will be ONE right before Christmas. As if I needed another reason to love this time of year, he is it.

  • Biggest eater – loves all root vegetables, teething crackers and up for trying just about anything
  • In 97-98% in both height and weight
  • Shakes his head “No”
  • Big into dancing and kicking and waving. Kid has the waving thing down.
  • Working on blowing kisses
  • Still loves a good ol’ sleep slack but sleeps through the night
  • Has 2 bottom teeth and 1 top tooth
  • Has figured out that non-toy toys are way more fun
  • Can hold his bottle, pouch and spoon and will gladly feed himself
  • Thinks his dad’s dance moves and facial expressions are hilarious
  • Wants to be in the middle of the action with his brothers
  • Can balance standing up like a total champ
  • Big fan of Roxie, his brothers, balloons and elmo still


Goodness, I love you so much. Your sweet demeanor and precious facial expressions get me every time. You love to watch and observe and you’ve developed quite the sense of humor to where you can make yourself giggle. You’re moving around more and more and getting vocal about things. As much as I want to hear your little voice call for me or your little steps around the house, I’m going to miss this baby phase so much. You will bury your little face into my shoulder and hold on tight. When I hold you on my hip you hold my thumb with your right hand. You’re truly one sweet babe and have stolen all our hearts.

Mama loves you kiddo.

Fall Chapter 2 with Shoppe Amber Interiors

I think with fall comes that anticipation to gather and that’s precisely what this chapter tries to embody. Elements to entertain with, cook with and put on display. As a creative I embrace every seasonal shift and find that the time between now and the fun kid holidays is brief so I try to do subtle swaps until we really embrace all things fall.

Jamie Gernert, Founder of WYC Designs

Fall kitchen essentials from plates and napkins to pepper mills, pedestals and earthy linens. As we countdown to Halloween (54 days), Thanksgiving (78 days), and Christmas (109 days) I can’t help but to start prepping and thinking about it.

Thanksgiving has always been my husband’s favorite holiday and I can’t wait to use these new pieces this year. Truthfully I can’t wait until we can open a door or window and gather around for dinner, sip fall beers and hopefully a sweet dessert or two.

use code Jamie15 for all your Shoppe Amber purchases.

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2022 Fall Home Trends

It’s officially September, so before all the spookies come out to play let’s do some seasonal shifts with some of these fall decor trends. With these, you can easily go ALL in or not so much and still achieve beautiful fall inspired updates that will leave you feeling cozy and your home elevated.

via jenni kayne home

Natural stone accents

Whether it be solid furniture like travertine or marble side, coffee or console tables – you can also do accents like trays, bowls and lamps – these natural materials are trending in a big way. Thankfully, they are classic and will always be timeless for seasons and generations.

shop the look:

design: jake arnold

Small accent monochrome tile

From floor tile, backsplashes to sink and tub alcoves – find a color you love and well, stick with it. Smaller and unique shapes are making fall waves so think outside the standard subway sizing and don’t be afraid of color.

favorite tile shops: cle, zia, tarbarka and bedrosians

Hues of terracotta and sage

Nothing screams fall than rich bold colors. One trick I do is to swap all pillows or light/airy decor for items that are darker, richer or moodier. These two colors, in particular, go really well together and just about in any style of home. Terracotta bowls, vases and planters and green sagey colors for throws, pillows and stems and maybe even in a new area rug.

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Fall Botanical prints

I love this trend when it comes to quilts, throws, table linens, art and even lamp shades. Items that you can easily swap out when the seasons shift but truly add a big impact on a not so big budget.

shop this look:

Labor Day Sale Weekend Wants

all sale with a mix of fall and vintage

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