Wells is Eight Months

my little Wells August is eight months in August and I love everything about this.

Jamie Gernert, Founder of WYC Designs

captured his love for post dinner beach walks and his first real experience with sand. our little chunk is a ball of happy and this mama is purely smitten.

  • King of rolling over every which way and sitting up
  • Has two bottom teeth
  • Big into pouches with sweet potatoes, carrots or apples
  • Dude loves hide and seek, toys that make noise and ELMO
  • Obsessed with his brothers
  • Hair is getting lighter but his eyes are getting darker
  • Waves “hello” to anyone and anything
  • Has figured out how to cry to get what he wants
  • Makes silly faces with his tongue
  • Occasional thumb sucker
  • Fan of all things water
  • Can hold his own bottle/pouch/spoon
  • Scrunches up his nose and fusses before he gets really mad

My sweet Wells,

I love you more than words will ever be able to express. I’m obsessed with you – everything about you. You’re turning into the cutest kid with the sweetest little personality and thee most adorable face. You love people and food and toys and I watch your expressions and BEAM. You kid, make all our world’s go round. You give all of us so much joy – you have my heart little man.

love always – your mama


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