Wells is Seven Months

seven months going on twelve. I kid, but only 9-12 month clothes really fit him. So…

He’s an absolute dream baby though and I look at him and then I look at Nick and I’m like, “we made that!” *heart eyes!*

  • He’s rolling over every which way
  • Has one tooth (finally!) with the other right about to surface
  • Still loves sweet potatoes and apples the best – has tried cantaloupe, yogurt melts and puffs
  • Enamored with his pup
  • Loves his brothers, Elmo and toys that make noise
  • Been sleeping in his crib over a month now! let’s just say everyone is sleeping better.
  • Big into his jumper
  • Say “balloon” and he’ll look up for one. Big fan!
  • Side sleeper
  • Has the cutest baby tan with roll tan lines
  • Enjoys a stroller walk, boat ride and dip in the pool
  • Hair is getting really light and his eyes are pretty much hazel
  • Working on clapping and waving hello/goodbye


Gah, I love you kid. I love your sweet perfect lips, your adorable deep laugh and your loving demeanor. You’re gentle and chill and everything we could have ever hoped for. You go with the flow, bring balance to this chaos and for the most part you keep up! You’re growing like a weed and I can’t believe in 5 short months we’ll be celebrating your first birthday. But until then, let’s relish in the last few weeks of summer and soak up all the cuddles before you get too mobile.

Mama loves you something serious kiddo.


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