Highlights from Monterey

we’ve been excited about this Unyi wedding ever since they got engaged! We knew little Wells would join us and that we’d extend the trip a little bit to accommodate for visiting a few of our favorite places and to make the travel across the country worth it.

We got in and did our In-N-Out stop before we made our way to Downtown Santa Cruz to visit our favorite roaster, Verve Coffee. We did some walking and some shopping (grabbed the older boys skateboards from Berdels) to break up the beautiful drive to Monterey.

Too many highlights to list them all but it was great just getting out of the routine for a few days and to try new places, bond with our littlest as he hasn’t had a ton of one on one time with us and see some really special friends that we haven’t seen in awhile. It was an awesome trip and I’m glad we have the photos to look back on it.

Monterey things…

Stay: Portola Resort & Spa – perfectly situated near tourist spots and yet walking distance to great food and coffee.

Eat: Alvarado Street Brewery – really good food and great beer selection. A seat yourself beer garden is in the back. Also Peter B’s behind the hotel was a gem – outdoor fire pits, awesome happy hour and cool menu.

Coffee: Captain & Stoker – it’s a vibe. We went every morning but it wasn’t just for the cool tunes and merch – their coffee and small menu was really really good.

Beer: Fieldwork Beer Garden – just taps, no food but a super chill outdoor scene.

Wedding venue: Cooper Molera Barns


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