Wells is Five Months

gah, baby boy you’re growing up quick.

I swear everything about him changes by the day. As we gear up for summer and all the camps, trips and the infinite kiddo juggle I really don’t want to miss a thing.

  • He’s babbling up a storm
  • Good at mimicking us – sticks his tongue out, blows raspberries and copies whatever we do
  • Can hold his bottle and put his paci in his mouth
  • Loves to be spooked! A sure way to get a giggle or two
  • Very much into watching his older brothers
  • Has figured out we have a dog
  • Has tried banana and sweet potato and really not sure about either of them
  • Still teething and drooling like whoa
  • Comfortably wearing 6-9 mo clothes
  • Likes to play with anything that makes sounds
  • Into walks and car rides
  • A champ at tummy time and can roll over from front to back
  • Getting blonder and more hazel eyed by the day
  • Has this one leg that likes to rock/bounce – almost as if it was his “happy tail”
  • Loves his dada something BIG
  • Genuinely wants to be in/around the action


I could just stare at you for hours. Your face is so sweet and your smiles and smirks are literally the best. Your rolls are really starting to take shape and I on occasion call you endearingly my “chunky monkey!” When you stretch and flex your feet right before a diaper change gets me every single time. Even though you’re still not the best sleeper around here, you are mostly happy and cheerful and I love your sweet personality. Soon enough you’ll be eating tons of big boy foods, crawling around and pulling yourself up. I see you sneaking into any brotherly situation and having a complete ball. I’m excited for many more firsts this summer – trips to the beach, first plane ride and other exciting milestones. Know I love you SO much and can’t imagine this world without you.



  1. Neither can we 💙 Wells will be the best “little brother” ever 😇😂😂💙💙💙

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