Wells is Four Months

The sweetest boy in all the land. We were hoping based off his pregnancy that he was going to be chill, happy and overall an easy baby… and that’s honestly what he is.

This kid is one big smile with a side of leg rolls. I literally eat him up. He’s growing and developing at rapid pace and we’re convinced he just wants to keep up with his brothers already.

  • 16.5lbs (72%) / 27in (93%)
  • Nicknames – Wellsey, Spud and Tub
  • Babe can grip all the things – hair, toys and fingers
  • His eye/hand coordination is really coming together
  • He will on occasion hold his bottle while he’s eating
  • Will sleep 5-6 hours a stretch at night
  • Started on rice cereal and didn’t hate it
  • Got in the pool for the first time!
  • Figuring out his mouth – blowing raspberries and a lot more chatty and busting out loud squeals
  • Loves his crinkle books, teethers and has finally taken to a paci
  • Turning into quite the boat babe
  • Wants to sit up, stand up and will gladly take a few steps
  • Big fan of his brothers and his dad
  • No stranger danger
  • Size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes
  • Enjoys bath time and diaper changes


Boy, I love you. That smile of yours gets me every single time. I love pulling you in bed with us in the wee hours of the morning to get some cuddle time in. I’m obsessed with you and constantly kiss your face, stinky neck and hold you probably more than I should. You continue to just go with the flow around here and join us on every boat ride, basketball game, walk or dip in the pool. You’ve got the sweetest disposition and we’re all pretty obsessed with you little man. Know that I love you endlessly.



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