2021 GIFT GUIDES – For Him

Jamie Gernert, Founder WYC Designs

Truthfully they don’t leave much up to the imagination – music, booze, coffee, cars… add some necessities that they might not get themselves like undies, cologne and the occasional tech device.

  1. Shinola Bike – Nick might have upgraded his this year and LOVES this bike. For those in commuter towns or families that like to bike together… $1,950
  2. Pappy Maple Syrup – sounds downright delicious. Probably won’t encourage drinking from the bottle. $44
  3. Bookshelf Bluetooth Speakers – another Shinola product because everything is so well done. Perfect for the office, main living space or if he has one man cave! $1,500
  4. Coffee Table Book – gotta toss one or two in the mix that HE’D like to see every once and awhile. $
  5. Fellow Coffee Grinder – elevate his rise and grind game and reap the benefits! $299

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