My Five 2022 Interior Trend Picks

with 2021 interior design trends being one of my top blog posts of the entire year, I figured I would do it again for 2022!

I think last year was a lot of what I thought was coming – statement hoods, more warmth and color and classic checkerboard patterns. For 2022, I think a lot of recent trends are just going to get a more elevated or updated feel.

Here’s my 2022 prediction:

1 // Updated Traditional Touches

Think more attention to millwork, counter top profiles and classic wallpaper patterns. Not that traditional style ever had a bad rap, it did feel like it was a bit “dated” among other more current design trends but now the comfort of modern traditional, as Emily Henderson would say, is kinda like embracing a hug from an old friend and every home these days wants in on it.

2 // Monochromatic ALL the things

Embracing a color and going 100% all in. It’s a way to go dramatic and bold but in a safe and quite soothing way. From cabinets to walls, built-ins and flooring – what could have been a “boring” move is now all the rage. I love when an exterior is ONE color but varies in texture. I also love when a single color creates a stunning backdrop for other things – like furniture, lighting and decor with a touch personality.

3 // Statement Flooring + Transitions

From color-blocking, bold patterns to natural texture – paying special attention to how a floor can impact the space and create a threshold is becoming more and more important. Sarah Sherman Samual does this oh so well. I’m here for more terrazzo floors, natural stone and creative transitions that make us pause for a second and appreciate the little things.

jenni kayne house shot for arch digest by stephen kent johnson
jenni kayne house shot for arch digest by stephen kent johnson

4 // Incorporating Nature

I’ve seen more and more design centered around the landscape – whether you build a house over a stream, or plant a tree in the middle of your home (my client’s saved a tree from their lot and will use it in their home!) it’s all about letting nature in naturally. Jenni Kayne’s open air living room set up was a exquisite and certainly a perfect example of letting nature do the heavy lifting.

jake alexander / shot by michael clifford

5 // Gimme Cabinet Skirting

Yep – you heard that right. It’s not just a stop gap anymore to hide things that were once maybe exposed. They are actually being built into the design. A way to add some whimsy, some texture, pattern or color in an unexpected but yet classic way. Upholstery in general will be making a big impact this year.


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