5 Things

1 // The Colored French Tip

I’m digging it. Definitely a style I can’t do at home, so maybe on my next splurge on a gel mani.

2 // Closet Organization

Looking forward to transitioning into colder weather here soon – so I want to box up all my summery things and give space to fall clothes and soon non-maternity styles as we go into the new year! Gimme my jeans back. This new Zara home line is so beautiful and crazy affordable – from clothing protectors, foldable boxes, hooks.

3 // Gimme COOKIES

Pinning all the cinnamon and apple recipes I can find on Pinterest. But how good do these maple brown butter sugar cookies look?!

4 // Excuses

As the year starts to come to a close, don’t give in. I love this so much – doubt kills success more than failure ever will.

5 // Nordic Design

I’ve been drawn to more warmth and clean kitchens as of late. Darker stones and minimal decor. Maybe because my life has been so hectic the last month and these visually bring me a sense of calm. More on Pinterest.

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