Refreshing the Nursery for Baby #3

So here’s the plan…

P will eventually move into big brother’s room with his own toddler bed and the new babe will get the updated nursery probably right after the New Year.

A refresh is so important because I want Palmer to realize that the baby isn’t coming to take “his” room – it will be a new space that won’t be familiar to P anymore so by setting him up in brother’s room with his own toddler bed situation he’ll feel like he has a place and also won’t be alone. (fingers crossed).

We’ve had our original Pottery Barn Kids nursery furniture since Hudson was born – so quick math just about 7 years! It’s honestly been amazing but let’s be real… it’s time for new. Thanks to Pottery Barn Kids for helping us with this new set and for making a nursery already more versatile as our newest and youngest kiddo grows.

We’ve had grey nursery furniture and I’m ready to swap to something a bit brighter and natural – white with light wood accents will make such a big difference. The Cole Farmhouse Collection is the total look I’m going for plus the crib is 4 in 1, so it can be converted into different bed types as our youngest grows.

I’m honestly looking forward to this glider/recliner chair! As parents we’re in this seat a lot… late night feedings, nap time rocking and the list goes on. I’m excited for a more comfortable upgrade!

We’re going to do a floor lamp this time than a dresser lamp since we’ll need changing table space… add some cute hamper storage and cloud shelf w/ hooks and faux greenery and that will be it.

I decided to keep the Loloi rug in here because I love it so much and will add some solid Clare Paint or decals to change up the walls.

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