5 Things

a little bit of this and that – from home, style, and baby things.

1 // Zara Home Sale

I might have stocked up on beautiful decor pieces like terracotta vases, new brass frames, some fresh linens and even some fun kid plates/silverware sets since it seems like we never have enough. Also, someone buy this rug – it looks amazing.

2 // Meet Everhem

Yeah I use the Shade Store for a majority of my projects, but this sweet small business making window treatments and slightly less expensive is an amazing resource! I just received a bunch of beautiful samples and I hope to use them on a few up-coming furnishing projects.

3 // Summer Fling

Even though it’s still July it feels like the peak of summer here in Florida. With a belly making my normal jeans a bit too uncomfortable I’ve been eyeing some easy breezy clothing items.

4 // New Baby List

Starting to take notes of some things I might want before our next sweet boy arrives. This carrier has gotten amazing reviews and I love the look of it. I mean, is this not a mood or what?! With two already, hands free will be essential. Also this purse organizer might be the new real MVP as I shutter to buy a whole new diaper bag.

5 // Morse Code Diamond Rings

What a cool and beautiful idea! Y’all know I love my ring stacks – love how personal these can be and obviously something that could be passed down for generations.

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