5 Things

You can learn about me by my daily Pinterest pins. What I’m loving, colors I’m gravitating, food I’m craving… it’s like a little trip through my mind. So here are 5 things I’m loving lately…

1 // Growth is Growth

With half the year already over (whew, that was fast) are you feeling super accomplished or crazy behind? I think we all experience a little bit of both but this is a great reminder, that growth no matter how small is still growth. Growth means learning, growing, adapting, engaging and still developing into something bigger even if it doesn’t feel like it.


Turns out I’d like to be wearing all things loose and linen on the daily. Add an occasional wide brim hat and strappy sandal for good summer measure.

3 // Made w/ Love

I love Ariel Gordon jewelry and own a few pieces of my own but this cute bracelet kit is SO cute and I love stacking all the friendship style bracelets on one wrist.


4 // Bake me a list!

Pinning homemade muffins, cinnamon rolls and these brioche buns – um what!? Does this look like the most delicious way to start your morning? Cinnamon, date and walnuts. I think yes. Full recipe here.

5 // Laundry Vibe

Been doing a lot more research on laundry design for a few projects – I feel like these spaces just need to shine! Loving this bright, neutral but heavily detailed laundry space so much! Built by @tbc_thebuildingcompany
Photography @_christopher_morrison Architecture Tim Evans Architect

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