WYC Candle Collection

I did it.

This whole dream of making my own candles is now officially a reality. Well, it wasn’t that easy and it was over the course of a few months but I looked at an opportunity to expand my brand in a meaningful way and this felt like a natural extension. It’s a type of product that I know and love and it’s also super personal. Candles set a tone and a mood and turn a normal moment at home into something instantly more special.

In all honesty the scents and labels came easy to me. I knew I wanted a homey scent, that you’d want to light while you’re in the kitchen cooking and something you could honestly enjoy all year. Then there was the beachy scent but a bit more masculine with driftwood and palo santo notes that take me back to our (semi) recent trips to Mexico. Their use of incense was abundant and this candle totally reminds me of that. Then I knew I needed to round out the collection with an earthy scent – something that provoked nature and copious amounts of eucalyptus trees in Santa Cruz where I spent a lot of my childhood will always be a favorite and familiar smell.

All three of scents make me so incredibly happy. They remind me of special trips and times in my life that I hope will resonate with you. Make you smile. Make you gather. Make you enjoy your time at home.

Jamie Gernert, Founder of WYC Designs

I’m proud to say they are made here locally in Florida with soy wax and cotton wicks – a classic clear glass keeps the candle simple and perfect to perch just about anywhere.

I’m not in the candle business or even the retail business for that matter to make a living – to me this collection is about touching other people’s lives and hopefully making a small impact in their everyday.

Head on over to WYC Designs Shop page and shop the collection. Use code FREESHIP for ya know, free shipping.

Thank you Artifact Candle Foundry for being such a great partner and thanks to all of you for your constant and unwavering support.


  1. Oh my goodness lady is there anything you can’t do…… so excited for you sweetheart ! I know your Baba and Granpa Stan as well as your grandmothers are smiling down from heaven and are very proud of you !!! and also your Uncle Jack and Aunt Suzie πŸ₯°πŸ˜ Congratulations hugs !

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