5 Things

I was doing so good with these for awhile and then well, life happened. I hope to start doing these once a week again. Enjoy!

1 // Pure Tranquility

What a stunning bathroom escape – I’m loving the natural materials, play with light and scale. It’s a stunning and captivating space all in one.


2 // Chad Mellon – One to Follow

I’ve been loving all of his captures lately – most of them getting well deserved recognition! If you love interiors, he’s one to follow. He only has 20k followers and I swear should have 10x that.

3 // Authenticity

Speaks volumes and truth. As I continue to push toward a path of unknown, I do it with an open and honest heart.

4 // Pillow Talk

A stack of textiles from Jolie Marche – what’s your favorite?

5 // Dream Shop

Maybe one day WYC Designs will have a store front. Just day dreaming for now – how beautiful is this? Filled with hand curated home decor items, freshly poured soy candles and maybe select apparel that you’d want to live in

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