5 Items to Style Simple Open Kitchen Shelving

after completing my first shoot/style of the year, I thought I would take a second to highlight the simplicity of styling and curating the perfect decor for kitchen open shelving.

Kitchen Open Shelving Styling Tips

It might depend on the style of the home, vibe of the kitchen and of course where the shelving is located, but these (5) simple items will make any open shelving look perfectly crafted but also useful.

  1. Cookbooks
  2. Cutting boards
  3. Fresh and faux florals
  4. Glassware and serveware
  5. Art (loving landscapes and vintage looking pieces)

A mix of any these 5 things will guarantee a beautiful shelfie moment. A key to making it look and feel complete is to play with layering and height.

Stack a few cookbooks and layer a few cutting boards. Bottom shelves should be styled with more ready to reach items you might need from time to time – like cookbooks, glassware etc. The higher shelving should be more for decor and use of taller items that help bring your eye up – I like to use faux florals or art. Cake stands are also great for this!

Most of these items are relatively affordable and can be found at your local Target, Amazon and my favorite McGee & Co.

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