He’s Six

something about counting on two hands is a big deal. Some days I just stare at him and see this big kid that is wildly smart, crazy competitive and passionately empathetic, and then other days I see the little face of a kiddo who made me a mama and has brought more joy into my life than I ever thought imaginable.

He’s doing simple math, reading and writing and playing video games levels that make me feel like a novice. He’s gifted. He’s sweet. He’s a total brain. I wonder what he’s going to remember when he’s older about this year in-particular… I know I’ll always remember how he went with the flow, spent a lot of time at home with us and his baby brother. He learned how to do back flips into the pool, got his first rope swing and lost bottom teeth! This kid still made 2020 shine and I couldn’t be more proud of him. We still need to work on being cool with Santa and maybe some humility but other than that – he’s pretty much a perfect mix of Nick and I.


GAH! You’re SIX my big love. Last night we laid in bed and picked out a bunch of new pajamas because you’re so darn tall. Your long blond hair and perfectly freckled nose makes my heart skip. I love this little man you’re becoming. I love our conversations, I love your hard questions and I love your un-waiving determination to win and to be this best version of yourself. You might not always be the fastest kiddo and that’s okay. I hope you continue to be passionate about learning and reading and I hope I can foster all of your amazing hopes and dreams (future NINJA!). No matter your path, know I will always be there sweet boy. Happy birthday and happy New Year, monkey. So much to celebrate!

Mama loves you.


  1. He is quite an amazing child..and I am so proud of him..since the first time I held him..he stole my heart..so smart and such a personality…and he is blessed with some wonderful parents…I love how you write about them…now you know what love is..just like I love you ❤❤

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