Palmer – 22 Months

in typical second kid, 2020 fashion I somehow missed his 21 months post. Whoops! So this will be a little hybrid.

To the kid that keeps us all on our toes and puts me to level of exhaustion I never knew I had – he has the warmest heart which makes it all worth it.

  • Still obsessed with the Peanut Butter & Jelly song – I sing it to him before bed every night
  • Wants to watch Papa videos (papa is life cont.)
  • Likes to “help” by getting his high chair out to sit in, gives his puppy cookies, puts things in the trash
  • Helps himself into his refrigerator snack drawer and freezer
  • Not a fan of Siri and our new home automation
  • Kid loves to color
  • Can count to 11
  • Requests “holidaayyy” by NSYNC #myboy
  • Likes to keep his helmet and shoes on in-doors
  • Will go for miles on his balance bike
  • Loves to eat: fruit snacks, yogurt, bananas, french fries, ice cream. cous cous, and veggie straws (just not the green ones)
  • Pretend plays video games with brother
  • Has to accompany whomever when they go to the bathroom
  • Wants to read Curious George Christmas and Good Night Hawaii every night before bed
  • Such a good sleeper – down by 8:30pm and up at 7:30am
  • The blondest babe I’ve ever seen
  • Really starting to string words together and being quite the conversationalist
  • “Mamaaaa WHOOOK!” “Come here!” “Whoook at me, mama!”
  • Will kiss your “boo boo”
  • Wears 2-3T and size 5 diapers – kid is pretty much a tall moose
  • Likes to love on his puppy


Mama loves you so much. I’m so excited to see your sweet little reaction this Christmas and to help you open all your gifts. You bring so much joy and chaos to every situation but I have a feeling you’re going to make it that much more magical, too. Your wild and loving spirit is so prevalent and I soak it all up. To say I’m obsessed with you would be an understatement. I watch you in awe kiddo and I’m appreciating every milestone and watching you develop and grow to keep up with your older brother. I’m already planning your 2nd birthday and I have a feeling you’ll be singing yourself Happy Birthday along with all of us. You’re my moon and all my stars, sweet boy.



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