How We Feel About Our Custom Lacanche Range

I’m going to start this most anticipated post with a caveat – this isn’t a comparison post… this is purely our opinion of the LaCanche Sully range. We’ve never used a Viking or Wolf – we had a Bosch cooktop before this, so bear in mind this isn’t to say it’s more superior than those others I just listed. This post is purely about how we like our new LaCanche range.


Hands down it’s a beauty. You can easily go to their website and select a model and design your own and request a quote. You honestly can’t beat the customizable options and the range colors are all so classic. With our kitchen layout the range wall is the focal point, so I knew I wanted to make it a big feature – I love the design of the LaCanche with the brass accents so much and the fact Nick was able to customize the burner configuration and the ovens, he was all for it. He’s the chef. Thankfully we met in the middle here and we were able to time it out perfectly.
There are some storage drawers underneath where we keep extra range accessories and aprons.

The service is also top notch – from quote, order to delivery – they communicated every step of the process and was super kind to work with.


From the burners to the ovens there is a nice consistency. The gas burners distribute even heat and you quickly pick up on which burners are your simmers and which ones are for high heat. The plancha is a weekend favorite for bacon and for the occassional chicken or turkey burger. To ignite the burners you need to push the dial in for the pilots to light and then you can gently ease it out – this is also a safety mechanism (kids!) which sometimes gives me a run. Nick always laughs at me when I can’t get it to stay lit on the first go.

The ovens are amazing. We have a gas and electric oven which makes it really fun for cooking a variety of things. We’ve tested the electric oven and it’s less than 5 degrees off than what it says. With baking, temperatures are super important so the electric oven comes in handy for that. The gas oven we use for broiling, roasting veggies and we even did the turkey in the gas oven and it turned out amazing! With the Sully model, you can can fit normal size baking sheets/pan in either the gas oven or electric oven.

Special Things To Note

  • Lead times are usually 8-10 months. This was pre-COVID so I’d check it.
  • They only do curbside delivery – meaning they will not bring it inside to install. Your appliance vendor or GC will need to do it.
  • Nothing high tech about it – no analog locks or timers. With this day and age it’s not a big deal, but if you’re used to setting timers or checking your oven clock, you can’t do it with this one.
  • The knobs come off pretty easy if you pull on them.
  • It’s good to invest in other nice cooking equipment though – all clad stainless pots and pans and le crueset cookware.

Overall, we LOVE this range. We’ve cooked so much this year, not a lot of going out for us, so we’ve really had a chance to break it in plus host a Thanksgiving and we feel it’s totally worth it.

When you compare the price though to a Viking or Wolf it’s not too far off in price. I also think it does help the value of the home when you invest in quality, classic appliances but let’s be real – if we move we’re either getting a new one or it’s coming with us.

Happy LaCanche shopping!


  1. I appreciate your post! I’m placing my order for my Lacanche Sully this week. You give perfect reassurance.
    Thank you 🙏🏼 & enjoy

  2. I have heard that the knobs get hot when cooking. Do you find that? We have already placed an order for your same model but now I am a little nervous. Thanks!

  3. I would live to hear what stovetop config you chose and rationale. I’m designing my kitchen around the sully 2200 but am stuck on the options for the top. Thanks!

    • We did a mix – two hotter burners, the larger burner in the center and then two simmer style burners. The 5 burners is so critical and then the plancha which we use practically every weekend! Great for pancakes, bacon and even dinner items like turkey burgers!

  4. Hey ladies U.K. mom here – my lacanche is as old as my youngest – 17 years 😎it’s been the work horse of my family from roasts to profiteroles to everyday suppers & it’s a beauty in my kitchen to admire also

    Enjoy 😊

  5. We purchased a Lacanche Range Cooker which included a Barbecue. Unfortunately we cannot use the barbecue as there is so much smoke created. When we purchased the cooker we were not advised that we needed the Lacanche extractor fan and we purchased two extractor fans so one covers one side of the cooked and the other extractor covers the other side of the cooker. This system has worked very well until we tried to use the barbecue. A service engineer visited us and he suggested we should have purchased the Lacanche extractor fan (a fact refuted by a member of the Lacanche staff, she advised that the extractor fan simply has to be of a particular power). As the whole kitchen is finished with the extractor fans built in we realised we simply cannot use the barbecue. So we asked the engineer what we can use the section where the barbecue is for; we have a griddle plate which we thought we might be able to use in this section and free up two normal burners. The engineer said he would find out and get back to us; this did not happen. We have been onto Lacanche for their advice but this has been a very negative experience. Several times we were told, “Sorry, I thought I had got back in touch with you”. We simply could not get an answer from Lacanche about how we can utilise the section where the barbecue is currently placed. Overall we have been very happy with the rest of the Lacanche Range Cooker but their after-sales service has been wanting. Now we have a cooker where the most expensive section (the barbecue) cannot be used and what’s more it appears we cannot use the burner for anything else. The cooker has three ovens, a large one in the centre and two upright ones at each side, the one under the barbecue is a “Cool Oven” which we purchased as we couldn’t see us ever needing three normal ovens. So the only reason we ordered the “Cool Oven” was because there was a place under the barbecue that required something. In summing up, if we’d been given the correct advice about what extractor fan(s) would be required at the time we purchased the Lacanche Range Cooker we could have made an informed decision whether to go ahead with the barbecue and cool oven or simply order a smaller cooker and save several thousand pounds. As it is we are left with a cooker which is not totally usable and the lack of response from Lacanche in relation to how we might fix our problem has been disappointing to say the least. Their after-sales advice is poor in the extreme and does not do justice to what should be a fine product. Chris Hartley of Woolton Village, Liverpool.

  6. Thanks so much for the post. It was super helpful. We will be ordering something very similar to your configuration soon. Question (as my husband is the cook and I clean up), is the Plancha messy/hard to clean? He would love a Plancha and recognize it has a splatter guard. However, I am inclined to have him stick with his griddle pan that I can throw in the dishwasher vs. take on additional clean up task.


    • The plancha isn’t hard to clean at all – we leave a wet paper towel on it with some soap to soak up and dilute the mess and then wipe it clean with a sponge – super easy!

  7. You probably know this – We were told that when using an extractor you should turn it on 30 minutes BEFORE you start cooking. I had never heard this before but, apparently, it gets the air circulating and this enables the extractor to work efficiently.

  8. Hi. We recently purchased a house which had a LaCanche but I feel none of my all-clad stainless steel pots can withstand the heat, even at its lowest setting. What pots do you recommend? Would love some specific brands! Thank you!

  9. Hi there!

    Thanks so much for the honest review! Wondering if you’ve had any issues with temperature for baking/cooking in the ovens?

    Also, what configuration of ovens did you get and your decisions around it?

    Any guidance here would be awesome. Just about to place my order!

    Thank you so much in advance.

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