The Top Gifts That I Ever Gave or Received

Over the years, I’ve learned more and more that it’s not the quantity in gifts but the quality of them. There is an element where you just want to tell people what you want and then take the surprise out of it. But let’s be real we all want to be pleasantly surprised and thought for. SO, here are a few products that I have either gifted or received that I think are super special.


1 / Still Novel

My babies framed in time. With all their birth stats, important details of their name and a favorite capture all in one. The elevated brass frame option is stunning. They also do a wedding or travel version – perfect for just about everyone.


2 / Shinola Turntable / Vinyl Me Please

I realize the Shinola Turntable is a large expense – it was for our anniversary and for a guy who loves music and plays vinyl every weekend it was one piece of beautiful equipment that not only functions but looks good sitting on our shelf. It went really well with the Vinyl Me Please subscription where he gets a vinyl every month to build and curate a very well rounded music collection. Hopefully our boys one day will appreciate it.

3 / Artifact Uprising Calendar

A place where I love to get prints made, this is perfect way to provoke memories by sharing images corresponding to those months. Every time when they go to change the month, it’s a pleasant surprise. Artifact Uprising has large format options and beautiful wood/brass options for that home office. Bonus: every year you can just buy the new months and repurpose the brass or wood base.

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4 / Gathre Table Cloth

To those who love to cook, to those with kids, to those that eat the most at home (almost everyone?) this tablecloth has earned it’s keep . It’s beautiful, durable and can change the vibe/color of your dining room in a single swap. I would recommend these over and over again. Big fan!


5 / Farmhouse Pottery / Blooms

Pottery is so beautiful – the handmade nature of it immediately gives it a heirloom appeal. If buying pottery isn’t a viable option, then make your own vase or pitcher and put a stunning bouquet in it. I know every mother or grandmother will love that ten fold.

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