Palmer – 20 Months

If there is danger, he’ll go for it. If it’s a NO, to him it’s a yes. He’s the I don’t need to wait for you to turn around, I’m going to do it anyway kind of kid.

  • He says things like “Go Away!”
  • If something stinks, he immediately says POOP
  • Goes on the big boy potty every night before bath time. Loves an audience.
  • He is pretty much a balance bike rider
  • Loves his dairy – yogurt, milk, cheese, ice cream
  • Gives his brother a hug every morning before school
  • Super ticklish
  • Wants to do everything big brother does
  • Wants to climb, run, jump
  • Climbs up the stairs saying “hard work”
  • Obsessed with Papa and “driving” cars
  • Likes to cuddle his puppy and give her his food
  • If you can’t find him he’s either in the powder bath tearing apart toilet paper or literally in Roxie’s dog bowls
  • Can open the micro drawer and turn the washer & dryer on and off
  • WAVES to anyone and everyone he sees. Friendly kiddo.
  • Tantrums on blast when he doesn’t get his way
  • Sesame Street on Tiny Desk
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly is his fav tune
  • He’s a ball of love and affection
  • Will sit still to get his hair brushed

Palmer James,

Here we go – the best time of year! The holidays are going to fly by, we’ll celebrate Hudson turning SIX and then we’ll book end our favorite months with you turning TWO. This year, although different, will be SO much fun with you. I already see you taking off every tree ornament, falling in love with all the twinkle lights and getting layered in Hudson’s old clothes as the temperature drops. You make everything exciting and new and fun again. Watching you and your brother literally fulfill my every dream and with all the crazy you add, you add pure magic. I love you, P.



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