His 39th Year

Some days I look over in awe…

He came into my life in an unexpected, whirlwind, all encompassing kind of way. I was captivated in ways I had never been before. I was envisioning a life that was really unknown and not on the path I had originally planned. This time, every year, I do get a little sentimental. Not just because it’s this amazing man’s birthday, but also because it’s when a lot of things changed for us… now ten whole years ago.

Two kids and a new beautiful home later – we continue to be each-other’s advocate. I couldn’t ask for better partner to do life with. The boys and I love you something serious. You float our boats, fill our ice cream bowls and make me well, the happiest wife on the planet.

I’ll gladly take any excuse to celebrate the man who stole my heart and continues to uphold every promise, vow and daydream. Happiest of my birthday’s my love.


    • He is an amazing man..a wonderful father..& I love the way you love each other..so proud he’s my son n law..
      Love you Nick Gernert❤

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