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Whelp, I did it. I flippin’ did it.

I just launched my own business and this is week TWO. I’ve decided after a lot of introspection and time at home to really focus on what I’m passionate about and create more flexibility to be at home and to take on the projects that inspire me.

Jamie Gernert, founder WYC Designs

WYC Designs plays off Work Your Closet since this is the brand I’ve been building since college. It has become part of my identity and so it felt natural to bring WYC in. WYC Designs is all about creating and designing meaningful spaces and projects from interiors, social media and branding/photography.

I’m super excited to take on this endeavor and to really see where it all takes me. I’ve had so much growth and recognition this year that it seemed like an organic time to ride this momentum and to push for something that I’ve always dreamt about. MY OWN THING.

Whether you’re a neighbor needing help on design selections, a local business or entrepreneur who needs help with their social presence or maybe a brand looking for specific photography – think of me. Give me a chance. I’m ready for it all.

Jamie Gernert, founder of WYC Designs
Jamie Gernert, founder WYC Designs. Branding board.

The branding for this project was very important to me. I wanted the overall look and feel to be very ME. This gig is personal, it’s my own creation and in the end I’m pitching myself for services that I am passionate about so the branding/vibe needed to reflect that.

I pursue simple and organic elements with a strong affinity for natural materials, colors and soothing palettes – I think WYC Designs branding board does just that.

I worked with this sweet Etsy shop and would highly recommend them! If anyone is on the fence about starting their own business – JUMP and don’t be surprised to fly.


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