Simple Paint Ideas for Kid’s Rooms with Clare

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YOU GUYS! I painted Hudson’s and Palmer’s rooms with Clare Paint and it was easy as pie.

I would recommend having someone watch your kids for you, otherwise what is a 2ish hour project for each room could easily be a never ending project when kids are involved.

So if you remember, I shared our paint inspiration last week – see here

And I think both rooms turned out amazing. I had some wallpaper patterns in mind when I did these, but I didn’t want the wallpaper hassle so I reached out to Clare paint and they shipped me peel and stick swatch samples so Hudson could choose his favorite colors and then they shipped the paint and paint kit in one happy box and that’s literally ALL I NEEDED.

Hudson’s Room

We used Headspace and Summer Friday paint colors in his room. Those were his two favorite colors and I think it goes well with his room vibe overall. What I did was this:

I cut a piece of cardboard off the Clare Paint box and used it as my guide. I used it to paint the lines and it was also the width in which I spaced the lines a part. I pretty much eyeballed everything but I like how organic it feels and the brushstrokes are a mixed variety. I started with lines of Headspace and then without the cardboard I just did a stroke of Summer Friday on top of it to create the layered color look. Very kid-like and totally appropriate for the space. And resembles the Studio McGee wallpaper I adore.

Palmer’s Room

We used Seize the Gray to keep with his grey theme, but I wanted a chevron style pattern instead of straight lines like in Hudson’s room. I used the SAME cardboard piece from Hudson’s room and cut the corners to make it an arrow. And then I spaced them out the width of the cardboard piece and went for it. This pattern definitely took more time with the angles.

After half a wall in, something wasn’t sitting right with me. So I went through and filled in the spaces with the arrow pattern to decrease the gap. Turned out much better!

I was also inspired by a post Clare just shared of a framed photo hung with a paint accent behind it – so I did the same thing to Palmer’s Boca Grande print. Adds just enough play.

So what do you think? Up for a summer paint project? I’d highly recommend Clare for any and all paint needs. Quality paint. Superb branding. Amazing colors. Woman owned.

Go ahead and find YOUR HUE!

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