5 Things

it’s been awhile, but I know these are kind of a crowd favorite – so here’s a quick #5things

1 // This John Wesley quote on repeat.

The news is constantly sad and dreary. The news of the Glee star Naya Rivera really bothered me. This beautiful young woman with a 4 year old is no longer here. How incredibly sad for her family and young son. Moments continue to be fleeting and the more time we get at home as families should be considered and taken in a present and precious mindset.

2 // Summer Uniform

I’m in dad jeans, loose sweaters and birks on repeat. I also want to share a few styles I’m loving lately to make this summer at home just as enjoyable.

3 // Color Envy

How stunning is this shower? From the mix of green, tan and even a hint of pink paired with the natural wood and brass is so unique and beautiful.

4 // Produce Organization

It’s true – we moved in and got things pretty darn organized from the get-go but I saw this on Pinterest and was fascinated. How clever and beautiful! We keep most of fruit/veggies either in the refrigerator or in a bowl in the pantry. Maybe I can find a spot to do something like this.

5 // Lemon Bread

Looks like a treat doesn’t it? Ingredients aren’t bad and ones we typically have the regular – I might sign myself for baking this weekend. YUM!

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