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A get a lot of questions about counter top maintenance (particularly for our natural stone) and general cleaning supplies in and around our kitchen. I think we’re all trying to be a bit more cleanly in how we live so I totally understand why you or others might be interested.

We’ve been doing a lot of our shopping online – which has been really nice to limit our exposure to the craziness going on outside our home but also utilize other brands that are only available online like Public Goods. So I wanted to share my top go-to cleaning supplies that we use in the kitchen and answer a few of your questions.

Kitchen Sink

We use a sink basin to keep dishes and things from banging the porcelain sink. I’m a big fan of Public Goods so we use a lot of their products in/around the sink listed below:

1 / Public Goods Walnut Scouring Pad

It’s just a pretty (white and tan) practical sponge. It’s also dishwasher safe and is eco-friendly. We use them to wash dishes, wipe down the range etc.

2 / Public Goods Dish Soap

Coconut based – smells amazing, comes in a pretty clean bottle and you can buy the refills packs! Set up a subscription and you’ll never have to think about it again. What’s in it: purified water, coconut-based active ingredients, citric acid, sea salt, mandarin orange and basil essential oils.

3 / Public Goods Dish Detergent

Another area to use eco friendly options. It’s all good: This product is fragrance free, graywater-friendly and biodegradable. Safe for all types of dishwashers. Comes in a resealable pouch.

4 / Public Goods Cotton Dish towels

They are really cute and super affordable – they would compliment any kitchen. Oh and they happen to be organic.

5 / Kohler Sink Basin

It might look a little funny at first, but it’s great to protect your sink and elevate your dishes from the dirty water and food that accumulates on the bottom. A must for all farmhouse sinks!


We need to use a ph neutral cleaner on our natural stone, so we use it on our quartz tops as well. We wipe it clean after use. The natural stone has a high tolerance for acidity and heat, but is subject to scratching. We also use Soft Scrub on occasion to get the oven/range grime off our range splash – which is Caesarstone quartz.

1 / More Natural Stone and Quartz Cleaner

I went through a few different options before settling on this cleaner – I love the smell and how well it does on our stone and quartz. We use this stuff DAILY so I have it set up to ship every 3 months or so. Loveeee this stuff.

2 / Micro-fiber towels

I try to keep our stone/quartz towels separate from all our other cleaning rags – I want to ensure we keep neutral ph exposure on our tops, so these fiber towels are dedicated to our counters and they are awesome.

3 / Soft Scrub

Our counter fabricator swears by it for all our quartz tops. We shave solid white in some areas, and this stuff removes all the stains and marks like a champ.


This beauty is a labor of love – we use typically stainless steel cleaner is different variations. She gets messy quick because we use her every. single. day.

1 / Stainless steel wipes

2 / Le Creuset Stainless Steel Cleaner

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