Palmer – 16 Months

Another month down in a ::BLINK:: of an eye. I swear he’s taller, faster, and a much better talker in a mere 30 days. He is a wild child and I love his fierce and fearless personality so much. His chin dimple, round cheeks and blue eyes help, too. #swoon

  • Wants to read a whole library before bed. “Blue Hat, Green Hat” has been a recent favorite and Hudson will read it to him at bedtime.
  • Favorite foods include fruit snacks, veggie straws, CORN, yogurt, cheese and avocado. All of those things he’ll ask for by name.
  • Any piece of dirt or debris is suddenly a BUG. He get’s all pumped up when he “finds” a bug.
  • Likes breaking things so he can try to put them back together. His fine motor skills are pretty impressive.
  • Rides his little puppy bike with confidence and will even lift his little feet up to coast.
  • Constantly into cabinets, trash, dog bowls, toilets, monitors and plugs and of course toilet paper.
  • Has a new found joy in tossing toys down the stairs.
  • Everything time he falls down is okay, he says “Kkkk!”
  • Without fail he’ll tell you he loves you when you go to leave.
  • Has a fascination with shoes and can easily pull out a pair.
  • Favorite song is “Happy” by Pharrel Williams – loves to dance.
  • Big into Simple Songs on Youtube and Sesame Street.
  • Would prefer anyone else’s water but his own.
  • A total blankie kid (just like big bro!)
  • Obsessive about toothpaste.
  • Some of his vocabulary has a weird French accent
  • A little lover – gives the best hugs and cuddles.
  • He’s got a deep voice thing going and his current impulsive saying is “ohhhhh yeahhh!”
  • Likes to lather himself up with soap in the bath.
  • Taking swim lessons and hating every second.
  • Pretty sure by next week he’ll have all his tiny baby teeth in!

Palmer James,

Ugh, I love you so much. I can’t help but want to hold and kiss you every chance I get. You, my sweet boy, make my heart burst. Your love is so powerful and bright and brings us all so much joy and happiness. Your determination to do just about anything you want is endearing but also tiring but you’re motivated to do what your brother does and I know you don’t want to miss a thing. We don’t want to miss a thing. Soon you’ll be halfway to two and your developing personality will continue to shine! To say I’m proud to be your mother would be an understatement. Some days I can’t believe your mine. I love you something serious, kiddo.



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