What I Did on #BLACKOUTTUESDAY and What I’ll Continue To Do

Tuesday morning I woke up to more sad news, a stream of black squares and an intense social movement. Like most, it’s an overwhelming concept to take in – that somehow black lives don’t matter and white privilege is abundant and to certain extent not even fully realized. I am for sure guilty of the latter.

With posting a black box and pausing on social, I too have been doing a bit more behind the scenes – from reading, following and subscribing to information that I never really sought out before. I stumbled across new accounts that are full of inspiration and made conscious purchases to small businesses lead by POC. I’ve research new podcasts and organizations to donate too and it’s all in an effort to not just be MINIMAL with how I change.

I am by no means perfect. I worry and fumble with the rest of them but as a mother I must lead with example. I must demonstrate and show an anti-racism mindset with my actions, my words and body language all the time.

I started by reading, listening and looking a few things up:

The “I’m not a racist” Defence – CNN

Part 1 – 6 @sinclairandmoore

Followed podcasts like The Read and In Good Company that I’m listening to at work and in the car.

How is this movement being perceived? Here is one woman’s look (she’s in anti-racism education), insight and honest opinion on what is currently happening now. cliff notes: we have work to do.

Followed & Shared POC accounts


I bought two books:

Restoration House by Kennesha Buycks is a stunning interiors book with a beautiful underlying message – you can find it on Amazon and at Target!

Creating a home that gives life and connection to all who enter.

And a popular one for the littles – Dream Big Little One – this will be added to our nightly bedtime routine.

Donated & Signed Petitions

I did a donation to Black Lives Matter with hopes of learning more about The Conscious Kid, Justice & Equality Fund, Fair Fight and Campaign Zero.

I also signed petitions that really resonated with me. A signature takes a second. Reform and justice are in-deed needed.

At the end of the day I can control my mind and effort and that is what I’m going to focus on. I stand in solidarity in my own way and will continue to do my part from the inside out.

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