Palmer – 15 Months

He’s a wild one, folks! This babe is a bundle of energy – constantly on the go, a total busy body and gravitates towards anything unsafe, scary or frowned upon.

He’s got the sweetest curls, the bluest eyes and the cutest silly face around. His open mouth kisses are my favorite and the intense way he says MAMA after a long day is the best.

  • Likes to point and touch my noise and “teeth”
  • Only wants his toothbrush there is toothpaste on it
  • Likes to help himself to snacks if the pantry is open
  • Favorite foods include: rice, cous cous, CADO (avocado), strawberries, fruit snacks, mac & cheese and chicken
  • Feeds Roxie allll the things
  • Another blanket lover – has to have quite a few in his crib and then he grabs them all when get him out of his crib in the morning
  • Big fan of pushing and pulling things
  • Wants to climb onto every piece of furniture
  • Obsessed with Simple Songs on YouTube and likes to follow along to some of their songs
  • Says “Coo Coo” which is thank you unprovoked and on occasion
  • Ask him to repeat a word and he’ll try it. Odds are it won’t be right, but he’s totally trying.
  • Some words include variations of the following: mama, gaga, thank you, more, papa, gigi, kiki, water, car, ball, shoes, waffle, baby, baba, book, bus, go, trash
  • Signs for please
  • LOVES music and singing and dancing
  • Dino books are a big hit as of late and any other book he’ll want to stall bedtime with
  • Prefers to play outside – no fear of the pool
  • For awhile wanted to throw every dirty diaper of his in the trash
  • Wants to “help” close and open every cabinet or door
  • If you ask how old he is, he’ll show you the number 1!
  • Wants to do everything with his big brother – ride bikes, run, play ball, climb trees…
  • A few major scrapes and cuts as he continues to push boundaries
  • Getting SIX new teeth in right now, including molars.
  • 18-24 mo clothes, even bigger feet and moving onto size 5 diapers
  • Goes down at 8:30 and up between 7/7:30am

Palmer James,

I love you something fierce kiddo. It’s funny how you can drive me up a wall sometimes and then I just want to hold you and eat you up. You’re super heavy by the way. You’re determined and resilient and mighty and I love your fearlessness. You are full of JOY and WONDER and I can’t believe just how perfect you are but also so very different from Hudson. The amount of love you bring to our family and your grandparents and aunts is insurmountable. P you are a bright light and I loveeee being your mama. Know today and always you are my pride and joy.

Mama loves you.


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