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As isolating as this whole thing can be the truth is – we’re in this together. That WE all have a direct impact on how this disease continues or doesn’t around the world and who it impacts.

A few things to play off Madewell’s #everydaytogether movement, I want to list a few things that you or I can do to help lift our spirits but also those that can’t be around us…

  1. Share what your feeling and how you’re coping with #everydaytogether
  2. Get photos printed and mail a few to friends and family
  3. Get dressed, put on your favorite kicks and start each day with an early walk (if you can do it – fresh air is essential)
  4. If you have kids, build a fort, get crafty, bake!
  5. Schedule coffee dates, lunch dates, play dates and dance parties through zoom or facetime or even skype.
  6. Order and support local small businesses the best you can

(A few local business that I encourage you to go and support: Black Bean Deli, New General, the Heavy and Lineage Coffee Roasting)

The goal is to acknowledge how difficult this is for everyone but share tips on how to get through these stressful and hard days. #everydaytogether

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