Palmer – 13 Months

This kid, has my heart.

It seems like it was just his first birthday, but here we are a month later in this pandemic and he at least, doesn’t have a care in the world.

  • A speedy walker, puller upper and climber
  • Loves his stuff animals, blankies (like brother), dinosaurs and balls
  • Says: mama, dada, papa, go, ball, car, hot, puff, i love you, ah oh
  • Can make the following animal sounds: dog, cat, cow, sheep, dinosaur,
  • If you ask him what a lizard says he sticks his tongue out
  • Gives open mouth kisses on the regular
  • Loves to curl up on the couch with brother
  • Still a big fan of Elmo and Curious George and Olaf are tied for second
  • Ask him how old he is and he puts up his pointer finger
  • I swear he has a gravitational pull toward all remotes, phones and video game controllers
  • Ask him to dance and he will nod his head and claps his hands
  • Wants to help and close every cabinet and refrigerator door
  • Has 8 teeth with molars coming up next
  • He plays with my wedding rings when i hold him on my hip
  • Can point out my nose, mouth, teeth and eyes on command
  • He loves a good book
  • Loves to eat veggie straws, cheese, cous cous or rice, strawberries and prefers to drink out of brother’s cups
  • Happiest in water – bath times and pool time
  • Dance parties with mom are his jam

Palmer James,

I love you bubs something serious. You are so much work – everyday you’re into everything and it get’s exhausting. You think the word NO is funny and continue to push boundaries. To counter that though you’re the sweetest boy – you’re super affectionate, you love being held and rocked and you quite possibly have the cutest face in the all the world. Your facial expressions are adorable and I eat you up every chance I get.

Thank you for bringing so much joy and life to a really weird time in our lives right now. You and your brother are my universe, kiddo. Mama loves you more than you will ever know.

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