Palmer – 9 Months

I literally can’t believe he’s been here with us for as long as I was carrying him in my belly. To think he and I have been connected for 18 months now is crazy to me. I think it’s safe to say it does fly by faster with the second. Life happens fast, I get it, but I wasn’t prepared for 9 whole months to fly. I’m in the midst of putting together our holiday cards, Hudson’s (5TH!!) birthday details and still keeping P’s FIRST birthday in mind as well. They all stack up right on top of each other and I know I’ll blink again and he’ll be 11 months old.

  • Wakes up happy – 99% of the time
  • FINALLY (for the most part) sleeping through the night #mamaneedssleep
  • Likes to clap – particular to things he’s feeling proud about, whenever we say “yay!” and when Ori (xbox comes on)
  • Thinks music has to come from the TV.
  • We call him a bulldozer in his walker thingy – he takes out ankles, the pup and will grab and tug on anything.
  • Loves the whole “I’ll drop it, you pick it up.” game
  • Ask him what a cow says and you’ll get… “MMMMmmmm” close enough.
  • Waves BYE and HELLO with the floppiest little hand and it’s darn cute.
  • Trying to pull himself up on just about everything
  • Any day now we have a crawler
  • Big fan of toys that make sounds (Elmo, Peacock, Winnie the Pooh rattle stack), car rides, bike trailer rides, stroller rides.
  • Likes to turn the page in books
  • Eating just about e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g
  • Wearing 12-18 month clothing – trying to put him in anything smaller is a waste of time.
  • Working on “blowing kisses” but he gladly give you an open mouth kiss
  • Occasional biter. KID has SIX teeth and is teething again.
  • Everything goes into the mouth. #WHY?!
  • Reaches for art on the wall
  • Currently 31 inches | 22+ lbs


I love everything little thing about you – from your silly faces, funny noises and sweet demeanor I just want to eat you up.

You’re so funny – you crack up if we crack up, you nozzle up, you love being held and you’re everything I could ever dream of and more. You’re so uniquely you and I relish getting to witness you grow. You’ve got the sweetest face in the world, the chubbiest cheeks, thighs and fingers and blue eyes that melt my heart. Know that I will always be there for you and I’m beyond proud of you already.

Mama loves you sweet boy.


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