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A Moment of Thanks

Every year I talk about how grateful I am. How lucky I am. And I know it’s sort of cliché during a time where we try to look at things from a different perspective – give, not take.

But I’ll gladly take this season as a reminder of just how amazing I have it. A reminder to feel that what we have is MORE than enough. That time with my husband and boys and family is all I could ever wish for.

Last year we were in NYC at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and this year we’ll be surrounding our dining room table at this house for the last time.

I read something recently that said, “The quintessence of happiness is being in the moment.”

So I’m going to take a moment to be completely and utterly IN IT and take as many visual memories as I can and breathe the goodness of what is happening all around me.

I hope you all are surrounded by love, attention and yummy nourishment!

Thanksgiving Outfit Opt 2

Turns out it might be a litter warmer than we thought, so I might take this version for a spin tomorrow.

Also in love with my new Oran sandals my love got me in the Netherlands. Dressy, cozy and will accommodate the impending food baby. GIMME all the stuffing! Oh and the wine. I missed that part last year 🙂

madewell sweater coat | madewell t-shirt | abercrombie skirt | hermes oran sandals | madewell tote

Thanksgiving Outfit Opt 1

Two looks in the same skirt this week. Kind of a crap shoot if it will actually be chilly this special occasion, so I’m planning for both. The past few years have been so hot, so fingers crossed the chill sticks around.

So my first choice would be this look – if the weather is cold enough. Pairing this polka dot silk midi skirt with a comfy turtle neck sweater and high black ankle boot.

It’s comfortable, dressy and suprisingly super affordable. Love these pieces together to much – especially the mix of textures.

links: sweater, skirt, boots

Weekend Wants

so many lovely things on my list (maybe a little bit of a birthday hint)

Palmer – 9 Months

I literally can’t believe he’s been here with us for as long as I was carrying him in my belly. To think he and I have been connected for 18 months now is crazy to me. I think it’s safe to say it does fly by faster with the second. Life happens fast, I get it, but I wasn’t prepared for 9 whole months to fly. I’m in the midst of putting together our holiday cards, Hudson’s (5TH!!) birthday details and still keeping P’s FIRST birthday in mind as well. They all stack up right on top of each other and I know I’ll blink again and he’ll be 11 months old.

  • Wakes up happy – 99% of the time
  • FINALLY (for the most part) sleeping through the night #mamaneedssleep
  • Likes to clap – particular to things he’s feeling proud about, whenever we say “yay!” and when Ori (xbox comes on)
  • Thinks music has to come from the TV.
  • We call him a bulldozer in his walker thingy – he takes out ankles, the pup and will grab and tug on anything.
  • Loves the whole “I’ll drop it, you pick it up.” game
  • Ask him what a cow says and you’ll get… “MMMMmmmm” close enough.
  • Waves BYE and HELLO with the floppiest little hand and it’s darn cute.
  • Trying to pull himself up on just about everything
  • Any day now we have a crawler
  • Big fan of toys that make sounds (Elmo, Peacock, Winnie the Pooh rattle stack), car rides, bike trailer rides, stroller rides.
  • Likes to turn the page in books
  • Eating just about e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g
  • Wearing 12-18 month clothing – trying to put him in anything smaller is a waste of time.
  • Working on “blowing kisses” but he gladly give you an open mouth kiss
  • Occasional biter. KID has SIX teeth and is teething again.
  • Everything goes into the mouth. #WHY?!
  • Reaches for art on the wall
  • Currently 31 inches | 22+ lbs


I love everything little thing about you – from your silly faces, funny noises and sweet demeanor I just want to eat you up.

You’re so funny – you crack up if we crack up, you nozzle up, you love being held and you’re everything I could ever dream of and more. You’re so uniquely you and I relish getting to witness you grow. You’ve got the sweetest face in the world, the chubbiest cheeks, thighs and fingers and blue eyes that melt my heart. Know that I will always be there for you and I’m beyond proud of you already.

Mama loves you sweet boy.

Coat & Boot Worthy

Pretty sure this is my favorite outfit yet.

These jeans on repeat and weather cold enough for these new rad boots and my go-to coocon coat.

Love the mix of light and dark and the slight flare with the ankle boot. Seriously, these jeans ($20 on sale now) are my newest obsession. The boots are right behind them. Oh and this stripe pop over shirt is only $20, too!

abercrombie shirt $20! / old navy jeans / madewell coat / allsaints boots (same style but different color)

Dusters & Kick Flares

When a few of your favorite (cult classics) just work all together.

Like I said before – these jeans on repeat! – I actually bought 2 pairs since they were $19 and I can always have a clean pair 🙂

I added a classic black t-shirt, new pretty in pink sweater coat and my trusty KSNY loafers. This outfit can take me from brunch, to work, dinner with friends and then home. Plus, this canvas bag ($24) can hold both my work life and mom life all together.

jcrew sweater / madewell shirt / old navy jeans / kate spade ny loafers (similar) / old navy bag / fossil watch

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