Why I Love October

It is when this man completes another trip around the sun.

His birthday plays a big role in our story and I won’t get too much into that but I will say this… I had never been more certain of what I wanted in my life until he came along.

I hope you know just how amazing you are and that your drive, presence and work ethic does not go un-noticed. Everyday with you, Nick, is beyond anything I could ever dream of. You are the purest gift and you have my whole heart.

It’s evident how you make us feel purely by our facial expressions when you walk into the room – the boys and I like reallllly realllly love you.

We are wishing you the happiest of birthdays all the way over there in “Instagram” (Hudson’s way of saying Amsterdam!)

Now get home so we can love on you.

“When I look at you now that years have gone by
I think of the memories that time can’t erase
And all of the smiles that you’ve brought to my face
Your love’s been so true
It makes me want more of you
Again and again
I fall more in love with you
Than I’ve ever been
From the moment you wake me up
Till you kiss me goodnight
Everything that you do
It makes me want more of you


  1. I really love your love story well written even poetic you guys have a wonderful family and I have a great son-in-law things just couldn’t be better happy birthday Nick

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