Palmer – 8 Months

Palmer the 8 monther going on 12!

  • At this moment he has 5 teeth – 3 up top and 2 down low, but I SWEAR the 4th up top will be in any day now.
  • Answers to Palmer and P!
  • Ask him where mama, brother, dada or puppy are and he’ll look around til he finds us.
  • Getting up on his knees and doing the sway. Still not a huge fan of being on his tummy though.
  • LOVES plants, trees and greenery – faux or real – he doesn’t discriminate.
  • He’s into Sesame Street, weather map updates and Daniel Tiger. Oh and Ori. Because dad and brother play it non-stop.
  • His mimicking skills are on point – he’ll copy a laugh, a cough, a kiss.
  • Speaking of kiss, open mouth kisses are hereeee! And I love them.
  • Likes to drop things so we pick them up. Working on “ah oh” and I think we’re almost there.
  • Likes bananas, sweet potatoes, blue berries, puffs and crackers. But he’s had a plethora of mixed purees and steamed broccoli. Basically whenever we eat, he wants to eat.
  • Tried ICE CREAM. Loved it. Choked on a sprinkle. Threw up. Was still up til 10pm. #truestory
  • Still downs 8 oz bottles in record time.
  • 99% of the time a truly happy boy – yes, even IN the car. #scored
  • Walking all over the house in the walker – usually going after Hudson or Roxie.
  • Kid lights up when his brother is near.
  • Still spits out “Mamama” usually when he’s about to get upset. Kind of like a nice growl before a bark.
  • Still loves his noisy toys best, big fan of books but teethers are a close behind. #necessity
  • His hair goes over his ears 🙂
  • I think we have another blankie kid.
  • Prefers to be standing and if you hold his hands he’ll take 8-10 steps easy. Kid wants to move.
  • Speaking of moves, he’ll wiggle if he hears music.
  • If he’s on his back, in the stroller or car seat his LEGS are always UP.
  • Likes to be scared. Good thing because that’s pretty much how Hudson communicates with him.
  • He gives THE best hugs. Just watch your hair. #getsmeeverytime

Sweet Buba,

I love you something serious, kiddo. You are truly the sweetest, most loving little guy. You’re ALWAYS happy – even with FIVE whole teeth you manage to keep it together. Sure, witching hours get a little testy, but you are a total dream. You’re developing and growing incredibly fast and as much as I LOVE our new and continuous interactions you’re gonna be walking and exploring and eating me out of house and home in no time and I don’t want to miss a thing. I want to kiss your face off, tickle your thighs, hold you close and rock you till you fall asleep every single time. You are all JOY and I see so much of myself in you. Thank you P for choosing me. You’ve got mama wrapped around your tiny finger.

I love you sooo much.


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