5 Things

1 // Dax Podcast – Armchair Expert

Hello, I’m probably the last person on earth that has realized the podcast movement. Granted, I learned a lot about them at Create & Cultivate in LA a few years back, but still never actually listened to one. Well, as I was tired of of the same old jams and as my new trek to Sanford to see my sister is seriously the longest drive I ever make I decided to opened up a podcast. Dax, you are my first. And so far Armchair Expert does not disappoint. SEND ME more rec’s please! Officially podcast obsessed.


2 // Baby birthday prints by Still Novel

Palmer is SO close to turning 7 months and it’s blowing my mind. To the point where I’m already thinking about his first birthday. I saw these in a Instagram ad and bookmarked it. I think I’ll do one for each boy and hang them somewhere special in our new home.

3 // The 90’s Jean Look

I’ve been eyeing these wide leg, fitted at the waist, distressed jeans from Shopbop and Shopbop knows it because they have been serving me up an Instagram ad just about every day. I hate to say it, but the super tight skinny jeans are just not doing it for me right now. I mean it’s still CRAZY hot and all and I’d like to space in-between my legs and clothing. Anyway – here are a few styles I’m coveting right now.

4 // Tonal Bathroom Done Right

From the terracotta feel, hex print. stone tub, natural wood vanity and the sleek frosted glass on the shower door I’m ALLLL about this bathroom. Clearly.

5 // OPI x Converse

Brilliant collab – whoever thought of this deserves the money they are making being some guru marketer. And as for my favorite I think it’s a tie between the pink high top and the white platform.

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