Palmer – 6 Months

My little P it’s officially your half birthday.

I swear I blinked and the last 6 months have flown by. I look back at photos of you at the hospital or right when we brought you home and you were so tiny. But not that tiny because you were about 9lbs but now you’re over 18! You’re developing the sweetest little demeanor. You love being held and cuddled and I’m totally okay with that. You smile SO big with the sight of us or Hudson and it’s pretty amazing to see your affect on us.

  • 28.3 inches / 18lbs 15oz – big kiddo!
  • Dark blue dreamy eyes that melt my heart!
  • He can officially sit up without assistance
  • Finally rolling over from front to back!
  • LOVES his jumper, blowing raspberries and shaking anything that makes noise
  • Big fan of all food – teething crackers and puffs as of late. Kid down a jar of pureed food in a day
  • Constantly nibbles his toes
  • He rubs his head, his eyes and my arms when he drinks his bottles
  • Plays with his pacifier and makes it squeak with his teeth
  • If you ask him “where’s your puppy?” he’ll turn his around and look for Rox / we’re working on “where’s dada?” and “where’s brother?”
  • Kid has a death grip – loves to grab
  • Making new sounds “bababah” some of which sound like “dada” to me. He also say “ohhhhhh” which is really really cute.
  • Fascinated with bracelets, watches and our phones.
  • Pat his mouth to hear him talk – a fond memory with Hudson and now doing it with P!
  • Loves a good car ride – thank youuuuuu baby gods.
  • Best way to make him laugh is by catching him by surprise
  • Can stand up with assistance and tries to take a step! #overachiever

Sweet P,

You’re the sweetest and happiest little guy. You smile so big and laugh and snort and gurggle. Your noises are the cutest and we all can’t get enough of you. You hardly cry, but as of late you’re pretty sensitive because you’re going through a pretty big growth spurt – tons of sleeping and eating. We also expect a new tooth here soon. You’re growing SO fast little one and I want to take it all in. Rock with you a minute longer. Let you sleep in my arms. Kiss your head, neck, checks a million times over. t’s your HALF birthday and I’m already scheming ideas for your first birthday, but for now I’ll just remind myself you’re only 6 months (okay, almost 7 – this post is wayyyy late) and will love on you like the little baby you are. I hope you always know just how happy you make us – we love you so much P Money. Thank you for being the best little babe around.

Love always,



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