My Fourth Trimester

So I didn’t really have a plan – I’m usually one to go with the flow, but I did assume that it would be similar to what it was like after Hudson was born… except it wasn’t the same at all.

With Hudson, the weight came off fast, nursing was literally a PAIN, but I learned so much in taking care of myself and the best way to feed, console and nourish Hudson that I figured I would use the same tactics with Palmer. However, Palmer, right out of the gate was just as hungry as Hudson was and was quite demanding from the milk front. I drank tea, bought multiple pumps and focused on getting my milk supply up. But with that came other challenges.

I had mastitis – twice. I overworked myself and my chest to help keep up and it back fired. It’s the worst feeling and both times I got it, I felt like the worst mom. Not capable of feeding, caring or even consoling him while I fought back chills, fevers, aches and pains. I was depending upon Nick and my sister to help me with Palmer while I tried to recover. No way could I have made it through without them.

Physical changes – with Hudson, I did have some stitches, but I felt like everything healed pretty quick down there. My chest was the hardest part since it was constantly in use. But this time around – everything took longer to heal. I was uncomfortable longer and I had hardest time adjusting.

When it came to the weight, I dropped over 20 lbs in two weeks. Now, 12 weeks postpartum I have around 8 or so lbs to lose. With Hudson though, I gained less (32 lbs vs. 36) but it came off fast. I’m feeling less stress about the weight now and more about getting back into shape. Toning up a bit, going to yoga and putting more work in.

Overall, the last three months have been all over the map… hard, rewarding, challenging, fun, exciting, exhausting… but with looking at Hudson, now 4 years old, I’m reminded about how fleeting all this is.

So grateful for this experience – to be able to do this crazy mom thing again for sweet Palmer. As I get ready to go back to work in a couple weeks, I know I’ll be ready. Short and flexible weeks make it easier to adjust and I’m ready to get back to doing big things that make me a better and more present mom.

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