My Newborn Must-Haves

A few fellow mamas and soon to be mamas has asked me to compile a list of must-haves. It’s true, after having one kid and going to two you consolidate a bit and just stick to the tried and true.

When it comes to newborns you honestly don’t need much – but here’s what we couldn’t live without:

1 // Pacifiers

We’ve tried a few different styles – at first he liked the Aventi rubber ones but now he’s liking the bibs. Either way, we couldn’t get through nap times or car rides without them.

2 // Dr. Brown Bottles

We loved them with Hudson and are reusing them with Palmer. They are great with reducing air in-take which helps with gas, hiccups and spit up. Highly recommend!

3 // Love to Dream Swaddle Up

These sleep sacks have made all the different. Palmer wasn’t a struggle fan – he constantly grunted and tried to get out of it. With these Love to Dream swaddle up sacks he can move just enough, self soothe with his arms up, stay warm in the sack and it’s easy for us to change his diaper. We have 4 of them πŸ™‚

4 // Honest Diaper subscription

We didn’t have a baby shower for him – once we knew it was a boy we were going to roll with everything we had from Hudson since we kept just about everything. BUT we did this with Hudson and it was great – we never had to scramble for diapers, wipes, laundry detergent or bath soap. A nice packaged box will land on your doorstep with the everyday essentials. Just watch the deliveries and make sure they come when you need them. Plus, their cute designs make diaper changes a little more fun.

5 // Portable Sound Machine

We put this on the Mama Roo, stroller, car seat and even crib when we need some extra sound. It has a few different settings and easy to control plus it’s affordable under $20.

6 // 4Moms Mama Roo

This was a total splurge – Hudson was great at napping in his bassinet, no problem. Palmer though, needs movement – he loves to be rocked and bounced and to give our arms a break we pulled the trigger on the Mamroo on Amazon and had it delivered same day. Thanks, Prime! I think it’s worked really well and I’m glad we bought it. I think Palmer is, too.

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