5 Things

1 // Chasing Paper Collab

Been a longtime fan and customer of Chasing Paper and was stoked to see their new designs with Jen Peters! Colorful, minimal and summery removable wallpaper options!

2 // Breastfeeding Article

Real numbers, real expectations and real examples. Granted Palmer is drinking 4-5oz a time (breastmilk via a bottle) he seems to be way more satiated and nap longer. I can pump from both breasts 4-5oz every 3 hours, so barely keeping up with his feeding schedule. I don’t have a milk stash (yet) but I do plan on continuing this breastmilk journey as long as I can. Fingers crossed I don’t have a run with mastitis again.

3 // Living Room Goals

Been hanging out a lot in our living room lately – loving this California casual style by Amber Interiors. From the beams, fireplace and on point decor I’d move right in.

4 // Make Time

More than ever for things that really matter. Like quality family time. Holding my newborn just a little bit longer. Sending those texts and thank you cards. Being present. It’s so easy to forget to make time for things that matter when you can easily get consumed by the things that don’t.

5 // Pacific Natural

How gorgeous is this book? Jenni Kayne can do no wrong in my book. I love her aesthetic, her blog, her vibes and her Tahoe cabin. Need to get this for the coffee table!

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