My 5 Postpartum Must Haves

As promised here’s a post on a few things I seriously couldn’t live without right now. The postpartum phase isn’t easy – your body has been through SO much and when products/materials can help you through this phase it’s a really big deal. Hope one or more of these help other fellow mamas out!

1 // Haaka Breast Pump

Two fellow mom’s told me to get this before Palmer was born. It took me awhile to get used to it, but boy it is a MILK SAVER. I remember feeding Hudson and soaking my nursing pads and being so bummed to waste the breastmilk. This is perfect – while you nurse or pump, simply adhere this self pump to your other breast and let it do it’s magic. Plus, it’s under $15 and super portable.

2 // Ice Roller

I bought it originally for my face, but I’ve used it so much on my chest, too. With getting mastitis I needed to alternate hot/cold compresses and this ice roller was a big help in icing/massaging out my milk ducts. Also super affordable and you’ll find a million ways to use it.

3 // Blanqi High Waist Support Leggingsh

I actually reached out to the brand because I felt they were doing some really cool things in the postpartum space. Support wear for women before/during/after pregnancy. I gained a lot more weight with this pregnancy and after delivery a lot of clothes just either 1) don’t fit or 2) don’t sound appealing. Thankfully the lovely ladies at Blanqi sent me their new postpartum high waist support leggings and I LOVE THEM. Super comfortable, keeps everything in, no seams and they keep their shape. These are under $70 and is you do the cost per wear thing, you’ll get your money of them ten fold.

4 // Mother’s Milk Tea

Our pediatrician recommended this early on. She saw how healthy and big he was when Palmer was born and was like “Get Mother’s Milk tea, stat!” So for the most part I’ve been drinking it everyday and even though I’m not pumping 10oz bottles I am keeping up for the most part. It tastes like a nice Chai Tea if you mix in some oat milk and natural sugar.

5 // Asos Nursing Tops

Every 2-3 hours either nursing/pumping can be exhausting. And while you’re still getting your body back you don’t really want your tummy to show or hang out while you pump. I like the Asos nursing tops – affordable, stylish and versatile. They keep you covered but give you the access you and your little needs.

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