Meet Palmer James

he’s here! Born 8lbs 11oz // 21 inches on Feb 21, 2019 at 12:11pm.

I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog and social front the past couple weeks but being able to disconnect has been very important to me. The first two weeks at home are demanding, exhausting and so fulfilling all at the same time and I know the only way to get through it was to do it presently.

We’ve had a lot of activity since we’ve been home juggling two kids – family time and birthdays, mastitis, a kid with a flu, allergies and follow up doctor appointments.

BUT with all the craziness it has been absolutely wonderful. Palmer is a dream and Hudson has taken to him like a proud big brother. Nick is amazing with every meal cooked, bottle prepped, bedtime routine down and middle of the night feedings. Just reiterates how parenting does take two and I chose the greatest man to do this adventure with.

I won’t go too far into Palmer’s birth story, but I will do a brief overview for those interested…

Wednesday at 10:30AM I started tracking contractions – at that time 30 mins apart. I got dressed did some site visits, went to work and asked Nick out on a lunch date. I had a hunch that things were going to change here soon, so we went to Hillstone and sat at the bar and enjoyed a nice little lunch. During lunch my contractions were now down to 17 mins apart so I decided to come home. My sister came over that night and stayed the night just incase.

Well by 1am, we were off to the hospital. Contractions were 7-9 mins apart and I wasn’t sure how dilated I was but the week before I was close to 3. Turns out I was 4cm and they had us admitted. 4am I got an epidural that ended up being way too intense and I lost all feelings in my legs/feet and got super nauseas and faint. They had to stabilize my heart rate and lower my epidural dose. Once we sorted that out and he was in position it only took 45 mins of pushing and our BIG almost 9 pounder (to all of our surprise) came out with the umbilical cord around his neck and ankle. He was a little purple but a total champ!

We were released from the hospital around 3pm the next day and it was great to be able to come home. It broke my heart when Nick and Hudson left us at the hospital overnight only because I could tell both of them didn’t really want to leave. But we’ve been home now and it’s slowly getting easier and our family of four is finding our rhythm.

Needless to say, I’m beyond grateful for this beautiful boy – it took us over 2 years for this sweet little man and I have a new perspective just how precious life is.


  1. So blessed. In so many ways..can’t wait to get together …this week apart has been far to long! We love you all. Welcome home Palmer James❤❤❤

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