My 2nd Third Trimester


Harder to move around for sure – getting in/out of bed, off the couch, up the stairs! It’s true, moving and maneuvering is different. I don’t think I’m waddling, but who wants to judge?

Random foot and leg cramps, which really aren’t cool.

Sleeping is tricky sometimes – I prefer my back, but I know sleeping on my left side is best. At this point I’m tossing and turning all night just to get comfortable.

Frequent stops to the bathroom! Maybe I don’t remember but I feel like I’m going a lot more than when I was pregnant with Hudson.

Will occasionally get out of breath – this kid is all sorts of up in my business. His feet, last time we checked, were 8cm long!

Got my first UTI and would never wish that on anyone.

I can still see my feet and my ankles are still ankles. No Jessica Simpson bloating over here. But I have gained more weight than when I was pregnant with Hudson. This pregnancy has been very different though so I’m just going to roll with it.

My belly button is officially FLAT and that is still the only place that really stretches.

My placenta is far enough out of the way that we can try to have a natural delivery – so good news there, too!


Feeling excited and eager! We registered at the hospital and all my appointments thus far have been really good! My placenta moved which is a total relief.

I ordered two breast pumps! Hoping to go longer than 7-8 months this time, but we’ll see. Not going to add any crazy pressure on myself but I want to be ready to give it my all.


No weird cravings, really. I noticed that I can’t sit and eat as much in a single sitting. I’m mostly in snack mode all day which for some days isn’t the best. I try to reach for fruit or granola but lately peanut butter crackers, pirate booty and fruit leather.

Hudson’s mini pancakes in the mornings have been a favorite though.


Is in full swing – I want to clean every nook and cranny and seriously PURGE so much stuff. We finally got the nursery furniture in his room. The new rug, camera and diaper pail arrived! So it’s all coming together nicely.

The bassinet is ready and so is the changing station down stairs. Next up – hospital bag!






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