5 Things

1 // Chris Loves Julie + Semi Handmade 

This duo is pretty incredible – from their blog, home projects, new A-frame, clothing line and now a cabinet collaboration they are pretty unstoppable. Loving this look they created though – stained looking cabinets are big these days and they are making them current but also attainable.

2 // Fohr Ground 

As if his YouTube videos weren’t enough (I watch them whenever I can) it makes total sense for a podcast. He’s got a lot to say and share and his pulse on the influencer market is right on. Plus the addition of more folks joining in on the conversation is cool. Excited to see what they come up with!

3 // Hatchland Blog 

Hearing and reading similar stories as your own definitely provides comfort, community and hope. Blogs like Hatchland help tell stories of real moms who in this case had a miscarriage struggle after her first kid – just like me.

4 // Farrow & Ball Color Scheme

Been wanting to try their pants forever now. Still trying to find the perfect project to incorporate them in, but they do such a good job displaying their colors.

5 // This QUOTE

To you it might be a storm, but they are temporary and usually leaves behind a lesson, a new practice or perspective.

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