Back in our early days I would count the hours til we would see each other again. I still do from time to time, especially when he’s traveling, because even still I just want to be around himThe anticipation and giddiness is still a strong and real thing.

I know for some (like both of our parents – happy anniversary, too btw!) 5 years may not seem like a long time. And I totally get that. But our love story didn’t begin like a fairy tale, nor was it traditional. It swept us up and knocked us off our feet and we followed our hearts. In 48,500 hours we’ve done a lot of things – countless trips, built a new home,  job changes, lost pets and babies, had a kid  – that some couples may take twice the amount of years to experience. Our journey is our own and I wouldn’t change it.


Like I said in Santa Barbara – marriage isn’t hard. If anything, being married to you is easy. Marrying you on that balcony overlooking Manhattan will forever be the best decision I have ever made. My love for you continues to grow in ways I never thought were possible. YOU, single handedly, continue to make all my dreams come true. My full heart is yours forever and always. Here’s to all the years my lifetime will muster.

Happy anniversary, my love.



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