Have Radiant Eyes Like Me This Holiday with Clear Eyes

this post is sponsored by Clear Eyes but the words and opinions are purely my own.

When you think of a beauty routine or even self-care this product may or may not come to mind. When Clear Eyes reached out to me though, I laughed out loud because “HOW DO THEY KNOW?!” I’m an avid Clear Eyes user. Like I literally use their drops every day.

My eyes get red super easy – from dry air, screen time, make-up – what ever the culprit, I use Clear Eyes every night to soothe my eyes and every morning to make them whiter and more radiant. No joke, I wash my face, put drops in my eyes and then finish up my beauty or bedtime routine.

With the holidays upon us – there’s travel, events, parties and countless photo ops that having red eyes just isn’t an option.

I try my best to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night – being 30 weeks pregnant has it’s perks that my husband will help if Hudson get’s up in the middle of night. It’s not super common but it happens and I’m super grateful that he’s been taking the night shift. But even those long work days mixed with #momlife and holiday festivities mean I’m bound to look tired. Que the Clear Eyes.

We’re were just on a mini vacation to celebrate our 5 year anniversary which has been a total retreat in the midst of the holiday chaos. A few days in Santa Barbara was so nice, but even with the time change a few Clear Eyes drops in the morning is a necessity.

Eyes are the first thing people notice and when I have red irritating eyes, it can totally affect my confidence and who wants that? Nobody!

You can order Clear Eyes on Amazon and get 10% off your order – so order those last minute prime gifts and put some Clear Eyes in some stockings while you’re at it. They are the #1 brand of redness relief eye drops.

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